A fashionproject in collaboration with Kaur R. Hensel. The conflict between sophisticated - the elegant and the cultivated - and grunge shown throug the life of public characters, especially hollywood stars. Many of them living two lives, on the one hand the see-and-be-seen life on the red carpet, in a world of glamour, iconographically staged and on the other hand being the ordinary me-and-you. Both worlds require each other, two extremes united in these people in every single moment. This Contradiction functioned as a foundation for our collection, imaging the simultaneous polarity in gradients. Gradients from inside to outside, hard to soft, transparent to opaque, destroyed to intact, fragile to martial, closed to open, from too much to too few. A new material world opens up in the textile, compound of iron wire and finest mohair wool, of lovely motifs destructive printed on material mixtures or burned out, light silk dresses exposed to the photographic technique of cyanotype, jacquard fabric with huge floats, hand woven Dégradées. Technically section used in asymmetric shapes, the association arises is slightly shifted, twisted, slipped or combined wild.. In motion a glimpse of naked skin, involuntary exposure. Faces are covered, intentional anonymity. Classic cuts broken up by using absurd materials. Inspired by Courtney Love, originally named Courtney Michelle Harrison.